Websites & Resources for Teen Writers

If you are a teen writer, looking for support and advice on how to become a better writer (and, ultimately, a published writer), here are some excellent places you can go for FREE help. These sites were created by authors who have written many books, stories, and articles for publication.

M. Saint-Germain‘s Random Writing Rants

Stephanie Morrill,
author of So Over It and Me, Just Different.

Nicole O’Dell, author of the Diamond Estates Series
and Scenarios For Girls, Interactive Fiction

Jill Williamson,
author of Replication and the Blood of Kings Trilogy

Shellie Neumeier,
author of Driven and A Summer in Oakville

Jeff Gerke, publisher of Marcher Lord Press
(author, as “Jefferson Scott,” of
Terminal Logic and Operation: Firebrand

At these websites you’ll learn new skills for becoming a more effective storyteller and writer, plus you will discover how to format your manuscript, prepare it for publication, and submit it to a publisher.

Check them out, have fun, and keep writing!