Jim Denney’s “Tin Man”—A 99 cent Science Fiction Story for Your Young Reader

Tin Man by Jim Denney

Tin Man
by Jim Denney

“Tin Man” is a science fiction short story by Jim Denney, author of the four-book Timebenders series. Though the story is written with middle grade readers in mind (ages 8 to 14), readers of YA and adult science fiction would enjoy this story as well. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD YOUR COPY FOR JUST 99 CENTS!

It’s the tale of an orphan boy named Jobe who escapes cruel slavery on a hostile planet only to suffer a near-deadly shipwreck in space. Now the boy is adrift in space with only a robot named Tin Man for companionship. Jobe is running out of air—and running out of time.

This ebook edition of “Tin Man” includes a BONUS FEATURE—Chapter One of Jim Denney’s first Timebenders novel for young readers, Battle Before Time.

About the author: Jim Denney is a writer with more than 100 published books to his credit, including the Timebenders science-fantasy series for young readers (Battle Before Time, Doorway to Doom, Invasion of the Time Troopers, and Lost in Cydonia). He has written books with supermodel Kim Alexis, Star Trek actress Grace Lee Whitney, and two Super Bowl champions, quarterback Bob Griese and “The Minister of Defense,” Reggie White. He has co-written many books with Pat Williams (co-founder of the Orlando Magic), including Leadership Excellence and The Difference You Make. Jim is a member of SFWA, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

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